Sunday, March 7, 2010


The Mr. wanted to eat at Jamerica for his birthday this year and since it was his birthday I readily agreed.

Jamerica is an eclectic Caribbean cuisine restaurant located on William St right across from the Willy St Co-op. The atmosphere is tropical and laid back. You seat yourself and also help yourself to beverages stored in coolers at the back of the store. The menu is pretty simple and self explanatory.

Both the Mr. and I had the Mango Rundown. I had it with shrimp and he had it with tofu. I'd actually tried it before at the La Fete de Marquette festival this past summer but had almost forgot about it until he suggested we go there for his birthday. The dish consists of veggie stir fry served over red beans and rice and the mango rundown is a sauce that is poured over everything. As you can see the serving size is huge and both of us were able to take left overs home.

The service was great, the prices are well worth it and the food was awesome. Next time I might try some jerk chicken!

Monday, March 1, 2010

What happens when you fall into some extra money?

So we fell into a little extra money - something about having too much money in our escrow account and they reimbursed us (I didn't know these things occurred). The realistic part of me was all save it or put it towards debt, but... that didn't happen.

I haven't splurged on the baby in a long time so I took the chance to do so.

Brown Bear Hat by Props To You

Indie Damask Baby Sling Carrier by LoopDiLoops

How can anyone resist such delicious baby goodies? Can't wait till she's here and I can finally start trying everything out!